Thursday, 4 June 2015

Passive versus Active Safety in Sports Cars

Do you want to know how well the sports car is safe to drive? Well, you have come to the right page. The safety feature can be divided into two types. They are active safety and passive safety. The passive safety includes features that will help the vehicle to protect the passengers when the active safety feature fails. If the active features fail to prevent the collision, the passive safety feature will help the passengers and driver in times of collision. What is active safety feature? Is it present in the sports car? Active safety features are attributes and features that will help the vehicle to avoid collisions. The sports vehicles have excellent active features, but its passive safety remains a mystery. It is not clear in most of the high-class vehicles.

The best active safety features in the sports vehicle are nimble handling and effective braking. It performs above the edge and remains remarkable. For example, when you drive an SUV or pickup truck it has to be driven very carefully. It does not stop easily like the normal vehicles. In the same way, the sports car has road hugging tires and suspension and stumpy center of gravity that helps to take sharp turns, make evasive maneuvers and produces speed that even makes a truck to slide off or roll over the road. Some of the best features that help to control in the sports car are economic stability systems and antilock brakes. It is easily available in a sports car and helps to perform ahead of the normal level cars.

The driver plays an active part in the sports car. He remains as the main reason for the collision of vehicle and passengers. When you want to protect your occupants and safeguard your sports vehicle, you need to drive in a smart and better way. It would sound a bit difficult to protect the passengers and vehicle in conditions of collision. The sports car is meant to be driven aggressively. It is a car that goes beyond the limits, normal speed, lots of high risks and move above its capacity. The luxury, speed and comfort of the sports car is above than the normal car but when it comes to safety the driver has to ride by testing its limits. It has the capacity to perform on the average car.

The vehicles are mostly rated depending upon the crash tests and real world information. The combined results of these two tests will give the exact result about the safety and conditions of the vehicles. The main problem is there will be a lot of difference between the way it was tested and the way car has been driven. You will lot of difference in the way it was driven, and it directly reflects the performance of the vehicle.

Some of the passive safety features present in the sports vehicle are seat belts, head restraints, and airbags. It also has seats that will geometrically change and helps in positioning the body for better comfort and impact.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Safety Mystery behind the Convertibles

Do you have plans to purchase convertibles? Do you want to know about the safety features present in the convertibles? If your answers are positive, you have come to the right destination. When it comes to purchasing convertibles, the safety features still remain a mystery. They have less movement of sales than the usual sports car. Moreover, most of the models have not gone through any crash tests. To be frank, the safety test and crash test is important mainly for convertibles. There are lots of questions that will arise in the minds of the buyers when it comes to safety issues in convertibles. It is mainly because of the design and style of the vehicle.

Crash tests: The nonconvertible car is mostly taken for crash test. The results will vary a lot when you see the convertible models. It is essential to check whether it has strength and capacity to withstand a crash. For example, a solid roof plays an important role to manage the crash energy. When the model lacks this structure, there are chances for collision or accident for the passenger. The convertible model has to go through a different safety checks and tests.

David versus Goliath: In the present modern age, Goliaths are referred to vehicles like SUV’s and full-size pickups. The little cars like Mazda MX-5 Miata and Audi TT remain as Davids. When it comes to watching the climax on real roads, the vehicle that is heavy and tough will easily smash the small ones. The Goliaths weight and strength remains as an important factor for collision. Moreover, the collision can also be caused due to the height factor.

Side impacts: There are chances of great danger especially due to the side impact collision. It is highly common in the convertible models. The automobile manufacturers reinforce the doors of the vehicle but due to lack of roofs and pillars there would not be any or little structure to avoid an interfering bumper. It is particular common in small and low-slung vehicles. Nowadays, the convertibles are coming with side impact airbags in order to safeguard the front seat occupants. Apart from this, some vehicles come with combo bags that remains taller and also provide head protection for the passengers and drivers. The side curtain airbags remain useful in hardtop vehicles and helps to protect the passengers in side impact crashes. The latest convertible models come with curtains. It can be deployed in the upwards direction from the side windows. It is commonly seen in 911 Cabriolet, Porsche Boxster and Volvo C70 which is a retractable hardtop model.

Seatbelts: The seatbelts plays an important part though you own convertible, SUV, small sized or medium sized vehicles. When the vehicle is the open air type, it has chances to double the fatality.

Roll Protection: It is essential for the convertible models to come with sufficient passenger headroom. It remains useful when there is a situation of rollover. Popular manufacturers like BMW and Audi have convertible model vehicles with an excellent feature called active roll bars. It normally remains out of sight and helps to improve the driver’s rear sight.

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Safety Features Present in the Sports Car

There are several safety features present in a vehicle. It does not mean that the vehicle is going to provide complete protection to the occupants, but it will help to protect from serious hurt and injuries. Here we are going to discuss some common safety features present in the sports car. The following features help the car to remain safe and perfect to drive in extreme climates.

Antilock braking system: It is also called as ABS. It helps the vehicle to stop automatically in certain critical circumstances. It helps to remain steerable when the vehicle is stopped suddenly. It is available in all the latest sports cars and has started to be featured from the 2012 year model vehicles. It is necessary to update the ABS in the old cars since it remained as an option in previous years.

Traction control: This feature helps to prevent loss of traction especially during acceleration. It works by applying the brakes to the spinning wheel and limiting the throttle. If you wish to add this feature, you have first to update your vehicle with ABS feature. It plays an important role in the functioning of traction control. Unluckily, most of the systems are conventionally calibrated, and it has become difficult to construct any force in loose sand or snow. The traction control setting helps by allowing to wheelspin and remains as a bonus in most cases. The traction control feature is present in BMW cars and some of the SUV models. The manufacturers are planning to implement their traction control in a less sensitive manner so that the vehicles would not bog down. The traction control feature is recommended mainly for the rear wheel drive vehicles.

Electronic stability systems: It is also termed as StabiliTrak, DSC, VDC, ESP, and others. It includes tractional control and ABS features. It has the capacity to find out when the car is moving out of control. It intervenes by applying correct braking system to individual wheels. The sports car drivers mostly check out for this feature when test driving a new vehicle. The electronic stability system is not only meant for slick roads. It is mostly seen in the car models that are launched in or after the year 2012. If you have purchased sports car before 2012, then ensure to add this feature to your vehicle. The sports car fixed with this feature comes with an additional price but still helps to save you, and you can deduct the amount of the insurance premiums.

Airbags galore: Nowadays, most of the sports car comes with several airbags fixed in front, knee, and side curtain and side airbags. It is worth to fix all the airbags, and its features are common and same like other airbags.

Backup cameras and parking assist: Some drivers will feel hard to park their vehicle or take the car in the reverse direction. In such scenario, the backup cameras play an important role. The drivers can easily park their vehicles with the help of parking assist tool and backup cameras. It helps to prevent the car from crashing other vehicle and protect the bumper paint.

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